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Well, I’m finally getting back into the INMON thing! This week’s prompt was the phrase “ANGEL WATCH.”I kind of switched it up with a little past tense. Enjoy 🙂InMONster


Waiting in the wings, she abruptly understood why he disappeared. He left to fly under her radar. But not in the way a missing person goes missing against their will. He no longer wanted to be a blip on her screen. He silently slipped back into the arms of a comfortable lover; too happy, too scared, to tell her the truth.

In the beginning, he knew he would leave her in the limbo between mutual understanding and owed explanation. Because he kept her at arms length, in the end, she would be swept far away in the hurricane of lost potential. He knew he would owe her no reason for leaving if he continued using smoke and mirrors and fed her a bourgeois fiction.

“But eventually, she would be alright,” he convinced himself. So, he hid, a wolf in a black sheep’s clothing.

And he spoke with a mysterious caress and a shadow of care in his eyes. These were real, but she could never harness them. He had nothing to lose, and everything to go back to.

People are capable of make-believe, just as she too was capable of the charade. Had she not broken someone in the same way?

As ANGELS WATCHED from the clouds, she misled one of their own into the deceptive security of her arms. Once hooked on her ability to hide her fragmented feelings – the ones she herself could not piece together properly – she made sure his wings were clipped, just enough, as to not leave her alone. With her expertise, she trusted she had allowed him the illusion of flight.

But things that do not want to be captured have their ways of slipping silently through clasped fingers. She never really held him in the first place.

An absence of doubt distorts the truth.

He felt his wings growing back slowly. So, he played along and allowed her to believe his desires matched her own. She stayed blinded by those mornings in the sun rays that would pass light through his eyes. The afterglow hid his intentions well.

History. Mutual love. Mutual loss. These hold people together. They create the strings that wrap around time and space, but those strings will always be tied between those attached at the ends. Fleeting connections made in short hours spent together are like spider’s webs that blow away with a new day.

Another lesson shaped by karma and the spells of time.



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