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All for What?

Prompt for the week: …”what does it taste like…”

Roughly, he pushed his hands down to the bottom of the all but empty feed barrel. I watched him as he struggled, his body hunched over in a sweaty mass as the sun beat down on his bedraggled frame. He labored to get the last bits of food for the herd out of the bucket. I ached for him, but I wanted him to finish the job. As he stood, successful scoop in hand, he delivered the feed for the hungry and modest flock. I wondered to myself, “What does it taste like?” and hoped it was worth Imagethe fight, for them.



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100 Word Challenge: #53

100 Word ChallengeThis week’s 100 Word Challenge was a bit more difficult for me to produce than last week’s challenge. However, I’m still happy with the resulting short, and I hope you will be too 🙂


The Prompt: … would seven prove to be too much? …..


“Come on! Get that boat out!” Coxswain screamed.

The seven of them, ignoring her, slowly eased into the water. Skin prickled as frigid water flowed over their legs and a slight breeze pierced the morning air. Still, they forged deeper into the water of the bay.

Brigitte shivered, nearly relinquishing her hold on the boat. New to this team and new to the elements, her hands stung with cold.

“Don’t you dare drop that boat yet!” Coxswain exclaimed, “Farther! READY?!…ONE….TWO…”

The crew was jumping in before the count was finished. Brigitte was last. She watched the boat sink deeper as each found her place; would seven prove to be too much?

Author’s Note: This short was written in response to a 100WCGU prompt.


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