Goddess, Goodness

Prompt for the Week: “…Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot…”

Nate and I continued walking together through the throng. Eventually, we passed the group of tourists on the top of the landing and found the bronze statue of Aphrodite. Nate held back while I looked up into her unseeing eyes. I didn’t know if our six mile uphill hike was worth seeing this statue yet…even if she was hundreds of years old. I didn’t want to start thinking about the trek back. My feet were still throbbing in my Chacos. “Hannah!” Nate called from across the wooded plaza. I turned to see him frantically patting his pants. “Damn. Do you have the…” he pulled the camera from out of his rarely used front pocket. “Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot!” I laughed because it was just like him, and I didn’t mind the hike very much anymore.

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100 Word Challenge: #53

100 Word ChallengeThis week’s 100 Word Challenge was a bit more difficult for me to produce than last week’s challenge. However, I’m still happy with the resulting short, and I hope you will be too 🙂


The Prompt: … would seven prove to be too much? …..


“Come on! Get that boat out!” Coxswain screamed.

The seven of them, ignoring her, slowly eased into the water. Skin prickled as frigid water flowed over their legs and a slight breeze pierced the morning air. Still, they forged deeper into the water of the bay.

Brigitte shivered, nearly relinquishing her hold on the boat. New to this team and new to the elements, her hands stung with cold.

“Don’t you dare drop that boat yet!” Coxswain exclaimed, “Farther! READY?!…ONE….TWO…”

The crew was jumping in before the count was finished. Brigitte was last. She watched the boat sink deeper as each found her place; would seven prove to be too much?

Author’s Note: This short was written in response to a 100WCGU prompt.


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Happy InMon Everyone!

InMonAuthor’s Note: This short was written in response to an Inspiration Monday prompt.




Things You Can’t Hide

“Wanna see somethin’?” He smiled next to me at his desk, like he was hiding something, and swiveled around in his chair with his arms outstretched. The way he always did. I wondered if he had taken his ADD medication that morning.

“It’ll change how ‘yuh see me. I know it will.”

I stared skeptically at Vijay with one eyebrow raised.  The tattoos that covered his neck and arms stared back at me from under the oversized t-shirt he wore, the one with the red “BOSTON” letters emblazoned on the front. Those things you can’t hide.

“I’ll take that bet,” I snorted while sipping my coffee, trying and failing to hide my skepticism. “Then we have to get back to work. Your test isn’t going to pass itself.” He laughed and leaned on the desk, “I know miss! Let’s jus’ watch this real quick.”

There were the “click click clicks” as he tapped something on the keyboard and the following “whoosh” as an e-mail was sent to my inbox. These sounds, they typified our study sessions together, an underpaid tutor and an overwhelmed student.

Setting down my coffee mug, I opened up the new file which contained a video clip of some news segment. I could make out the local bug in the left hand corner.

“How did I miss this interview?” I thought, as I lowered the volume on the computer screen. I turned to Vijay for some kind of clue, but he just leaned back coolly in his chair and swiveled around again, that same sly smile on his lips.

The broadcaster’s familiar voice came through the speakers.

“As you may know our home town hero, Vijay Johnson, has been the focus of many stories here at KBTM.  Johnson’s athletic performance on the court has been unmatched this year and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  However, the road to the top has not been easy for Johnson…”

And Vijay was right; the video did change how I saw him. His history mattered. His story mattered.

The reasons behind those tattoos, where he came from, why he acted the way he did. How his father left his family when he was young, how his mother was murdered in front of his younger brother, how his cousins were shot and killed the year he left Boston to come to school here, it all mattered.

Why hadn’t I focused on this before? I had so many questions, but instead I slowly closed my computer, “Why did you show me this Vijay?”

“I jus’ wanted you to know where I came from, but that it’s not me either. You nah wha’ I’m sayin’? And I don’ wanna live my life,” he paused and took a deep breath, “I don’t wanna live my life livin’ in that past. I have a betta’ future now, mo’ than I eva’ thought was possible. Now you know why I’m always smilin’ miss. I’m not stupid; I just got my own def’nition of happy. And I wan’ you to know that I ‘preciate what you doin’ for me here.”

My brave face finally betrayed me. I wiped away a tear from my cheek and laughed, “Yes, now I do know what you’re hidin’ behind that smile of yours now. Now I see. Thank you for that…Now, turn to chapter 11, you’re going to pass this test. We’ll get you back on that court.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he told me, his smile never fading as he picked up his pen.


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100 Words Challenge: #52

TwoFlamesThis week’s prompt from 100WCGU  is…together the flames…

Two Flames

The ceremony is beautiful, perfect. The audience looks on as the vows are recited in hushed tones at the altar. Words that hold so much promise and so much weight pass easily from the lips of the bride and groom. This trust is profound. Silently, I wonder if a day could ever be as unsoiled as a wedding day. At the reception, they sway to the music. Gazing into each other’s eyes, their connection never falters, a glance alight with passion. Two flames alone on the dance floor, burn with a love that only they know. Together the flames sway on.


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The 100 Word Challenge: #51

I had originally posted The 100 Word Challenge as a tab on the top of The Short Pages. You will still be able to continue to go there and read about the challenge, but I will be posting the weekly prompts and writings that follow on The Short Page’s home page from now on.  Less clicking, more reading, everyone is happy! 🙂

Here’s a summary from yesterday for anyone who needs to catch up…

The 100 Word Challenge, is a weekly writing challenge.  Contestants have 100 words (or the number that has been set for that week) plus the number of words in the prompt to write a creative piece of fiction or non-fiction.  This challenge  “is all about supporting our writing and giving constructive feedback and support. For some, it is the start of longer pieces of writing, even novels!” And is the brainchild of this woman, Julia.

And, for The Short Pages, it’s another exciting exercise in writing too! (whoop whoop!)

So, here we go. The prompt for this first challenge was ….the line was drawn….


The Rebuilding

They paced gravely below the airplanes as they flew overhead, pausing briefly to gaze up at the sky.  When the line was drawn with the smoke from their engines, a gasp could be heard from the crowd. This was quickly stifled by an unknown figure before the leader could put a face to the sound. “SILENCE!” He boomed from atop of where he stood, a podium made of steel and wood, the two elements of which their village was founded. The planes would soon land to deduct those precious elements as payment. Leaving them with nothing, again, and they were afraid of the rebuilding.


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The First Post

“The Short Pages” blog is an extension of a Twitter creative writing project that outgrew its 140-character limit.

TheShortPages project began as a writing exercise while I was completing my second semester of graduate course work at Texas A&M University in College Station.  One of these courses included a creative writing class, which was filled with writers who had a lot more experience in the field than I.  We would frequently edit each others’ work and offer up advice during our workshops whenever it was needed [and advice is ALWAYS needed].  The best advice I received is probably the hardest, as well as the easiest, bit of advice to follow…

“Reading and writing is a task of PATIENCE and of IMAGINATION.  In order for you to become a better writer, you MUST take the time to practice your writing. Set aside a portion of your day and devote it to your craft.  Then, watch yourself grow.”

It was this piece of advice that drove me to start TheShortPages. After all, anyone can write a story in 140-characters or less, right? You, my ambitious friend, are sadly mistaken.

It was harder than I anticipated; however, before I got discouraged with my writer’s block, I did what any good graduate student would do…I did some research, and what I found surprised me.  I’m not alone in this little [punny] genre of  flash fiction!

The “first” author to create “Twisters,” or these mini-stories via Twitter, was Arjun Basu.  Basu is a  short story writer originally from Montreal. When he found this short story niche, he rolled with it, and the rest is social media history.  Other more popular Twitter flash fiction authors include Ben White, who writes stories for Twitter and posts them each night as soon as the clock strikes twelve. And Sean Hill, the man behind Very Short Story the Twitter page, as well as the published book ,which includes 300 of his “Twitter sized fiction” pieces.

There are many other smaller Twitter sized fiction writing fans out there just like me, but (if my research is correct)  the market for this type of writing is still relatively small, and that’s where TheShortPages comes in.  I want to make it better, the only way to do that…is to write.

Here’s a journey, and here we go!

I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here!

“A writer, like an athlete, must ‘train’ every day. What did I do today to keep in ‘form’?”
(Susan Sontag on Writing 7/5/72)


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