This poem flowed from a stream of messages. I think it’s beautiful when creativity happens that way. Enjoy.

INMON Prompt: Fight to Remember 

We’re snow on a tree.

It’s not going to last.

But it looks so beautiful there.

People stop and stare.

See us everywhere.

And when we melt.

I’ll know what I felt.

When there’s only wet wood hanging there.

Stuck between awake and blinking.

An unreal state of being.

We wanted the dream.

But can’t control what’s fleeting.

She’ll take what is.

Twist into the resemblance of a friend.

And try to outrun what might have been.

He’ll warm her inside out.

Until the wood turns to flowers again.

They’ll fight to remember.

And forget the fangs of that biting weather.

A season of which Shakespeare couldn’t have written better.

-Written by: Andy McNamara and Page Whalen



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2 responses to “WEATHER LOVE

  1. Beautiful, great flow. Some surprising phrases that really made me think. I really liked this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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