The Choice

Prompt for the week: …”whenever I hear it, I think of you…”

“Here, grab the noose.” He smiled. I cringed. The coils hung lightly in his hands. I looked into his eyes and searched for a way out. “There’s no other way,” he said, voice shaking. His eyes were kind. I trusted him. I lifted the rope out of his hands, they were heavier than I expected. Filled with a weight I didn’t understand. I walked slowly, deliberately, to the hanging place, and swung the rope across the branch. The sound it made, rope against wood, sickened me. I turned to him, “whenever I hear it, I think of you.” “I know,” he sighed.




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2 responses to “The Choice

  1. I like this take, something unexpected.


  2. What a sound to pick. Different, original. Liked reading this.


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