All for What?

Prompt for the week: …”what does it taste like…”

Roughly, he pushed his hands down to the bottom of the all but empty feed barrel. I watched him as he struggled, his body hunched over in a sweaty mass as the sun beat down on his bedraggled frame. He labored to get the last bits of food for the herd out of the bucket. I ached for him, but I wanted him to finish the job. As he stood, successful scoop in hand, he delivered the feed for the hungry and modest flock. I wondered to myself, “What does it taste like?” and hoped it was worth Imagethe fight, for them.



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3 responses to “All for What?

  1. makes me want to help, too… great imagery and makes we want more details…what is going on with him…nicely done. 🙂


  2. Ooh, great interpretation. Well done.


  3. This is really good. You wrote the emotions well.


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