Goddess, Goodness

Prompt for the Week: “…Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot…”

Nate and I continued walking together through the throng. Eventually, we passed the group of tourists on the top of the landing and found the bronze statue of Aphrodite. Nate held back while I looked up into her unseeing eyes. I didn’t know if our six mile uphill hike was worth seeing this statue yet…even if she was hundreds of years old. I didn’t want to start thinking about the trek back. My feet were still throbbing in my Chacos. “Hannah!” Nate called from across the wooded plaza. I turned to see him frantically patting his pants. “Damn. Do you have the…” he pulled the camera from out of his rarely used front pocket. “Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot!” I laughed because it was just like him, and I didn’t mind the hike very much anymore.

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3 responses to “Goddess, Goodness

  1. great image…and one I can totally relate to, patting the pants, frantically searching MY face for the answer to the unknown panic. Well done!


  2. What a lovely story!


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