The 100 Word Challenge: #51

I had originally posted The 100 Word Challenge as a tab on the top of The Short Pages. You will still be able to continue to go there and read about the challenge, but I will be posting the weekly prompts and writings that follow on The Short Page’s home page from now on.  Less clicking, more reading, everyone is happy! 🙂

Here’s a summary from yesterday for anyone who needs to catch up…

The 100 Word Challenge, is a weekly writing challenge.  Contestants have 100 words (or the number that has been set for that week) plus the number of words in the prompt to write a creative piece of fiction or non-fiction.  This challenge  “is all about supporting our writing and giving constructive feedback and support. For some, it is the start of longer pieces of writing, even novels!” And is the brainchild of this woman, Julia.

And, for The Short Pages, it’s another exciting exercise in writing too! (whoop whoop!)

So, here we go. The prompt for this first challenge was ….the line was drawn….


The Rebuilding

They paced gravely below the airplanes as they flew overhead, pausing briefly to gaze up at the sky.  When the line was drawn with the smoke from their engines, a gasp could be heard from the crowd. This was quickly stifled by an unknown figure before the leader could put a face to the sound. “SILENCE!” He boomed from atop of where he stood, a podium made of steel and wood, the two elements of which their village was founded. The planes would soon land to deduct those precious elements as payment. Leaving them with nothing, again, and they were afraid of the rebuilding.


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