The First Post

“The Short Pages” blog is an extension of a Twitter creative writing project that outgrew its 140-character limit.

TheShortPages project began as a writing exercise while I was completing my second semester of graduate course work at Texas A&M University in College Station.  One of these courses included a creative writing class, which was filled with writers who had a lot more experience in the field than I.  We would frequently edit each others’ work and offer up advice during our workshops whenever it was needed [and advice is ALWAYS needed].  The best advice I received is probably the hardest, as well as the easiest, bit of advice to follow…

“Reading and writing is a task of PATIENCE and of IMAGINATION.  In order for you to become a better writer, you MUST take the time to practice your writing. Set aside a portion of your day and devote it to your craft.  Then, watch yourself grow.”

It was this piece of advice that drove me to start TheShortPages. After all, anyone can write a story in 140-characters or less, right? You, my ambitious friend, are sadly mistaken.

It was harder than I anticipated; however, before I got discouraged with my writer’s block, I did what any good graduate student would do…I did some research, and what I found surprised me.  I’m not alone in this little [punny] genre of  flash fiction!

The “first” author to create “Twisters,” or these mini-stories via Twitter, was Arjun Basu.  Basu is a  short story writer originally from Montreal. When he found this short story niche, he rolled with it, and the rest is social media history.  Other more popular Twitter flash fiction authors include Ben White, who writes stories for Twitter and posts them each night as soon as the clock strikes twelve. And Sean Hill, the man behind Very Short Story the Twitter page, as well as the published book ,which includes 300 of his “Twitter sized fiction” pieces.

There are many other smaller Twitter sized fiction writing fans out there just like me, but (if my research is correct)  the market for this type of writing is still relatively small, and that’s where TheShortPages comes in.  I want to make it better, the only way to do that…is to write.

Here’s a journey, and here we go!

I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here!

“A writer, like an athlete, must ‘train’ every day. What did I do today to keep in ‘form’?”
(Susan Sontag on Writing 7/5/72)



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4 responses to “The First Post

  1. Cheri

    I look forward to reading this blog…can’t wait to see where this leads…


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