100 Word Challenge

I had originally posted The 100 Word Challenge as a tab on the top of The Short Pages. You will still be able to continue to go there and read about the challenge, but I will be posting the weekly prompts and writings that follow on The Short Page’s home page from now on.  Less clicking, more reading, everyone is happy! :)

Here’s a summary about the challenge for anyone who needs to catch up…

The 100 Word Challenge, is a weekly writing challenge.  Contestants have 100 words (or the number that has been set for that week) plus the number of words in the prompt to write a creative piece of fiction or non-fiction.  This challenge  “is all about supporting our writing and giving constructive feedback and support. For some, it is the start of longer pieces of writing, even novels!” And is the brainchild of this woman, Julia.

And, for The Short Pages, it’s another exciting exercise in writing too (whoop whoop!)  To read The Short Page’s challenge stories, click on The Short Pages link at the top of the blog, this will re-direct you to the home page.

“The choices a writer makes within a tradition – preferring Milton to Moliere, caring for Barth over Barthelme – constitute some of the most personal information we can have about him.” ~ZADIE SMITH


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